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All About Mexican Food
Beautiful. Unique. Mysterious. When you think about Mexico, these are but a few of the words you may envision. In a land rich with history and culture, Mexico offers an authentic taste of yesteryear mingled with the personal flavors and tested with love over time. Each dish has its very own personal touches that make it exceptional; each spice has a purpose. One thing is for sure: one person can never truly know everything about Mexican food [...]

A Brief Look At Mexican Food History
Briefly examining the extraordinary world of Mexican food history can be traced back to 1521 when the Spaniards first reached the shores of the might Yucatan. After nearly three centuries of Spaniard rule, and thanks to Miguel Hidalgo shouting his grito: "Mexicanos! Viva Mexico! Viva la Independencia!" the cuisine we know today was as different as the culture of this country compromised of a free people [...]

Should Trucks From Mexico Be Allowed To Cross The Border?
Since September 2007, hauling trucks from Mexico have been allowed to enter the Unites States territory. And the US truck operators have just cried out against this move since the beginning. According to them this will only lower the level of income they will be getting since truck operators from Mexico would likely be willing to accept lower fees for their services. On the part of the US truck operators, this is a valid point they are making. However, other things also have to be considered [...]

Famine Prophesied
Jesus Christ told us that close to his second coming there would be certain events which would take place on the world scene. The rise of false prophets, war, famine and earthquakes (and other natural disasters) are what he told us would increase just before his return. These events would bring about suffering more "than anything the world has ever seen or will ever see again. (Matthew chapter 24) [...]

Bullet-proof clothing: a sign of the times
Some people make their living making enemies. Think of political or religious leaders and high profile rap artists. Few days pass when they don't offend a fanatical group or organisation. Hiring a large entourage of bodyguards may keep potential offenders of bodily harm from getting close enough to do damage, but they won't stop a determined sniper's bullet. For these VIPs, as well as their bodyguards, body armour is the only real measure of protection that they have, provided potential assassins don't go for the head [...]
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